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Gain operational advantage with geospatial analytics

Real-time flood mapping

Near real-time flood mapping is performed using data from satellites such as Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, Landsat, and PlanetScope. This method allows for the timely monitoring and mapping of floods, enabling early detection and response efforts.

Machine Learning Platform

We can cost-effectively process years of satellite imagery, specifically Sentinel-1 data collected from 2015, using Google Cloud Scalable processors. This enables accurate flood inundation predictions and early detection of potential flooding, benefiting communities, businesses, and governments.

NLP Platform with AI

We are currently creating a customized chatbot using the Chat-GPT-2 model for a specific application. Our fine-tuning process involves incorporating domain-specific tokens and training data to enhance the model's performance. The chatbot will generate specialized text that provides valuable insights for decision-makers and stakeholders and disseminate critical information to the general public.


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Real-time flood mapping

Flood Preparedness, Flood Relief Agencies

Machine Learning Platform

Generating Millions of Training Data

NLP Platform

Artificial Intelligence

Data Platforms

Machine Learning

Flood Prediction

Communities At Risk, Insurance Industry

Seasonal Weather Derivatives

Energy Market


Our Humble Beginnings

  • 2000-2020

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Hard work since 2000

  • May 2020

    An Agency was Born

    Ready to provide solution and community based work flows

  • December 2020

    Transition to Full Service

    Real time flood mapping and energy solutions

  • May 2021

    Phase Two Expansion

    New financial model for phase two expansions

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